Invention Consultant - Developing Practical Patents From Your Ideas

Company activity

In recent years, intellectual property has substantially influenced society. At Kawakita and Associates we aim to contribute to society and enlighten the public about the intellectual property system through our original, extraneous activities.

Lectures and workshops


Most people have little knowledge about the patent system, and even potential users, such as university professors, company R&D staff and government researchers, lack the fundamental understanding that would enable them to protect their inventions. At Kawakita and Associates, we understand the importance if raising the level of awareness and understanding - from high school student-level upwards - and encouraging individuals to patent their unique ideas. This ideal underlies many of our lecture activities.



In collaboration with Japan Patent Office and Japan Invention Promotion Office, we present lectures and workshops at high schools, universities, companies and to local interest groups throughout Japan.


The photographs show students at Industrial High Schools in Tokyo, Saitama and Nigata, Japan, enjoying lectures by patent attorney, Kijuro Kawakita .


In our lectures we explain the essential elements of patent acquisition and the concept of invention. We especially emphasize the importance of novelty and not revealing an invention through publication or lecture prior to submitting a patent application. Using practical examples, we show how entrepreneurs can develop their business through intellectual property.

IP5 Corporation


Although it is relatively easy to get a patent, it is infinitely more challenging to utilize it effectively. To gain firsthand experience of the obstacles faced by potential entrepreneurs, Company President, Kijuro Kawakita , established IP5 Corporation, to manufacture and sell his own patented products, in particular, ‘Quickstrap’.



Quickstrap is a detachable, extendable shoulder strap for bags, briefcases and luggage. IP5 recently granted patent licenses to Ace Co. Ltd., the biggest luggage manufacturer in Japan.


Through our practical experience with IP5 activities, we are able to maximize the effectiveness and practical application of patent claims and specifications when drafting documents for our clients, ensuring the scope of resulting patent licenses is as broad as possible and effective for the inventor’s business.

Patent Distribution

Individual inventors and small companies do not usually have access to patent promotion experts and departments, like those available to employees of large companies. To redress the balance we regularly undertake patent promotion activities on our clients’ behalf, such as participating in domestic and international patent events.


Staff from Kawakita and Associates demonstrate clients' inventions to visitors at Geneva International Invention Exhibition, April 2004 (L) and Tokyo Patent Distribution Fair, December 2005 (R)


Silver Medal awarded to Quickstrap invention atGeneva International Patent Exhibition, 2004

Tokyo Patent Distribution Fair - Kawakita and Associates are the only patent law firm to participate in this annual event, since 2003;


Tokyo Invention Exhibition - where one of our patents received the Patent Attorney Association President’s Special Award in 2001;


Geneva International Invention Exhibition where one of our inventions received the Silver Medal in 2004.